Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 - Day Retreat July/August 2010

Some comments from our recent 10-day retreat:

Thank you thank you for wonderful retreat …. Quite a difference having that longer time….. and for all the work and effort and warmth and constant care and disciplined teachings……

Very many thanks for the retreat, for the tremendous effort made by yourselves in its preparation, its hosting ,and for your teachings during the retreat.

We have both returned feeling sure that we have seen signs of footprints, we are now sure that the Ox is somewhere in the forest. We are now both in hot pursuit!

We are also both sold on the longer retreat, the impact is so much more than shorter ones, as valuable as these also are. We hope that the longer retreats will again become a regular feature on the Dharma Centre annual calendar.

If you were unable to join this retreat - be sure not to miss the next one!